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Our Story

Tiny Lobster Caye stands on the far southeastern entrance to the Belize Barrier Reef - the wildest and most remote part - where the magnificent coral remains untouched and wildlife is teeming. It was in these waters, as a kid, that Gallo mastered spearfishing, fishing and seafaring. Intuitive expertise that he is proud to pass on. His prime goal is that everyone has a fabulous day. “Yah Man, Good Times”👣

Gallo and his crew are unbeatable at both catching and spearing fish but at the same time are patient, humble and mindful when teaching snorkeling, fishing and spearfishing at all levels. Basic equipment is provided. Safety is paramount👣

The experience of Lobster Caye is unforgettable. These are precious footprints that that will lodge in your dreams forever ~ there is simply nothing like it. Your photographs are guaranteed to be stunning. Your stories will never fade👣

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Meet Gallo


Gallo was born in Belize and raised in Placencia and Panama. It was his father who began the generational endeavor of developing Lobster Caye into a permanent fishing camp. Gallo is realizing his dad’s dream - carefully piecing together a rustic yet comfortable destination. Setting foot on Lobster Caye is a soulful, magical experience👣


The nickname “Gallo” (Rooster in Spanish!) dates from early success as a champion kickboxer. Now Gallo and Melanie own the famous Evolution Beach Gym on Placencia Point. It’s all about character, kindness and joy👣

Meet Gallo
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