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There's no place I'd rather be..

Lobster Caye is fully equipped for day trips. If the schedule permits Gallo can organize overnight guided camping trips ~ SpearFishing Camp ~ where you are accompanied overnight by a skilled local spearfisherman. He teaches spearfishing and snorkeling at all levels and then prepares your catch and cooks your meals. The coral reef right around Lobster Caye is pristine. Falling asleep on a tiny desert island is wonderful ~ only matched by waking there at sunrise. 

For the yet more adventurous we offer longer stays ~ Private Island Retreats ~ where you and your family & friends can have the amazing experience of a desert island entirely to yourselves for three nights or more. A guide, who doubles as a your private chef, will accompany at nighttime ~ however during the days you will have the island exclusively to yourselves. 


Boat transfers and supplies are of course included as is snorkeling equipment ~ the coral reef immediately around the Caye is both stunning and teeming. There is a BBQ grill, a gas grill and plentiful ice. 


You sleep in hammocks in the cabaña and in tents, and experience the elements ~ not for the faint hearted ~ but a unique opportunity to witness the brightest stars. 


In 2023 we added a private bathroom,  secure moorings and a protected bathing pool ~ all part of our program of thoughtful renovations. Lobster Caye is very special.


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